Gritty Von Kitty 9¾
I like cake.. & biscuits. Currently NOT studying in l'école supérieure de Beaux Arts, I'm a B.A. major in fashion design, merch & history. I play Roller Derby, live Roller Derby, I am happiest with skates on my feet. I'm a Jack of all trades and love anything crafty with a passion. I have at least 4 tattoos planned and no money to act with, being an arts student sees to my constant state of middle class poverty.
I suffer from BPD, my teenage years didn't leave me unmarked. 24 & still very much alive & very much in love with my Northern soul French man. This Tumblr doesn't have a sense so to speak, stick around if you like.
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    I’m just prepared for winter all year long :P

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    this is so beautiful i’m crying

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    (1) My Way - Life & Style | via Facebook on We Heart It.

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    Fashion illustration by René Gruau, 1965, Lanvin, International Textiles, Brush drawing in ink and watercolor.

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